'untitled doc.' 2015

A project collaborating with 5 other artists from Poland, Lithuania, Italy and Czech Republic at Kvilda Art Residency house in Šumava.

All artists are invited to create a story at the same time via the same google document in 2 hours in the same room without “physical” conversation, with the online real-time editing feature.

Each artist is able to edit, correct, and follow the previous sentence with an anonymous identity.

The document forms a hub of collective knowledge, a network of dialogue where hierarchical knowledge structure is destroyed.


The finished document is then translated to five different languages, spoken by computer voice and played alongside with the projected video.

Artists in collaboration: Mantas Šmatavičius, Branislav Rariga, Lois Wang, Elisa Manig & Jan Staniczek

untitled doc. / 2015


sound- & video-installation


E-mail: info@elisamanig.de